MARTB64 – 2017 Here we come!

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MARTB64 – 2017 Here we come!

So here we are in 2017 and I wanted to explain some of the things happening to my Stream this year.
Firstly, I’m expanding.
No I’m not getting fatter!
I’m taking the stream to as well as
I’m not leaving Twitch, I’m just taking an opportunity to widen the audience buy dual streaming to both channels at the same time.
Beam is a streaming service that currently offers a much shorter delay than Twitch. Hopefully this will will allow faster interaction with viewers, and more opportunities for viewers to get involved with some games that proved hard to do with Twitch.

Secondly, I’m changing the chat bot. In order to unify the channels, I’m switching to “Scorpbot” which will handle the chat and relay the chat between the channels (so nobody misses out).
As part of the bot change, I’m resetting everyone’s MARTbucks.
Regular followers will be reset to zero, Subscribers will be awarded additional MARTbucks depending on their tier (they will also continue to receive their monthly sub bonuses).
Along with a few behind the scenes changes to the way MARTbucks are awarded, you can also gain a bonus by simply being active in the channel i.e. chatting (2x bonus for subscribers).
There are no longer any MARTbucks awarded when the channel is offline.

“What can I use my MARTbucks for?” I hear you ask.
Well there’s a roulette game, heists, giveaways, song requests etc, with a promise of more features to come later this year.
The bot handles all games and giveaways etc across both Beam and Twitch.
If you’re following on both channels, simply type “!connect yourusername” in each channel to link your accounts (this keeps your MARTbucks updated).
Subscriptions are independent of either channel and are still handled by Gamewisp (it doesn’t matter which channel you subscribe from).

For subscribers, I’m hoping to bring sub only emotes to Twitch, not sure it’s possible on Beam yet (waiting on Gamewisp to activate that). I’ll be adding as many other perks as I can for you, I want my subs to feel loved <3
The monthly sub only giveaways will continue to get bigger and better!

I want to take a minute to thank everyone for the love and support I receive each and every stream. It might sound like I’m sucking up, but it really does mean the world to me to see everyone in the streams having fun.

As for other things I’m hoping to bring to the channel….
You can expect more interactivity, more VR streams (might be adding a Vive to the hardware this year), more Extra Life streams, and more of what YOU ask for.
My channel is as much about your input as it is mine. So if you have an idea, let me know, I’m more than happy to accommodate your suggestions.

I also plan on bringing back my blog “The ramblings of Mart”. I’m going to try and write a monthly installment of the random shit that pops into my head. Might be funny, might be sad, but it’s guaranteed to be sincere, and hopefully entertaining.

Finally, don’t forget I’ll be out of town from January 26th through 30th at PAX South with a few other members (Look out for some crazy pictures and videos). Also, another date to mark in your calendar; I’ll be heading out on vacation from February 3rd til February 11th.
Let’s make 2017 a fantastic year for everyone!
I love you guys!


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